Hi, my name is Markus Ziller and this is my website.

I'm a Software Engineer that currently works as a Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services.

I have a Masters Degree in Information Systems from the Technical University of Munich. I've been developing software since the late 90s and now mostly specialize in architecting and developing cloud-native reactive applications.

I'm a tech generalist with a sound understanding of most areas in today's IT landscapes and expert knowledge in serverless computing and message-driven architectures on AWS. I'm proficient in Scala, Python and node.js and have hands on experience with popular technologies such as Flutter, Vue, Docker, Kafka and Spark.

I managed organisations of up to 40 people at a director level, but overall prefer individual contributor roles.

Things I'm good at

I early-adopted node.js in 2012 and have since been part of the journey from the early days of callback hell and memory leaks to today's widespread adoption. While I rarely use pure JavaScript, I heavily rely on TypeScript as my go-to language for serverless applications, infrastructure as code with the AWS CDK and Vue.js for web applications.

Python is simply Python. It's a great default to get started with a new project when I don't know exactly what I will build at the end. I like the versatility of the language, while being simple enough to understand the basics in one afternoon. With most ML and data frameworks being written/wrapped in Python, it's almost impossible to do machine learning without also doing Python.

I picked up Scala in 2012 for a project that depended on the JVM. I didn't really like the idea of going back to Java, so I tried out the Play! Framework for Scala and loved it. I like it's concise syntax, higher-order functions, pattern matching and strong support for asynchronous programming with actors.

Over the last decade, many of the architectures I worked on aimed to create a loose coupling between components, something that is nowadays mostly referred to as microservice architecture. Having seen quite a few successful and failed implementations, I regard microservices as a double-edged sword. It's very easy to underestimate the additional complexity that microservices at scale will add to your application landscape. This is amplified by the recent hype around technologies that facilitate such an architecture by (initially) hiding the complexity (I'm looking at you, Kubernetes). As a consequence, companies often fail to first ask why before thinking about the how of microservices and commit on an architecture that solves a few problems, but also introduces many new hard challenges. Nonetheless, the promises of microservices are real and can be achieved, but also require a lot of discipline, commitment and well-informed decisions along the way.

I have been using Amazon Web Services since 2012 to run applications and since 2019 help AWS customers solve their business challenges on AWS as a Solutions Architect. I worked on very complex architectures with global reach and demanding requirements for security, resiliency and elasticity. An important aspect of my role at AWS is being hands on with our services and I thus have a strong knowledge of most services in the Compute, Database, Networking and AI/ML service groups of the AWS service portfolio. I'm also part of a group of AWS subject matter experts for serverless computing. We offer support for the most demanding serverless use cases and provide in-depth knowledge and guidance for technologies such as AWS Lambda, message queues and event streams. Besides that, I'm a frequent author on the AWS blog and am AWS certified in different areas.

I also have relevant real-world experience with the following technologies

Master of Science

Information Systems

Bachelor of Science

Information Systems

Senior Solutions Architect

As a member of the DACH SA team for Travel & Transportation, I'm working with enterprise customers to build well-architected solutions on AWS. I support my customers with proof of concepts, workshops and architectural guidance for the whole AWS solutions portfolio. As a subject matter expert for Serverless applications, I also work with customers on the most complex topics in the serverless domain and provide thought leadership in various forms (blog posts, public speaking, ..).

Oct 2019 - today
Director of Engineering

As Director of Engineering for the Content Platform at Joyn, I am responsible for ~40 engineers across several teams that build systems that enable video content to be discovered and shown on our VoD platform, covering functionality like metadata normalization & management, content distribution, content & layout management, license management, search and recommendations.

Jan 2019 - Sep 2019
Engineering Manager

I led the Content Services Engineering department at ProSiebenSat1 Digital, making me responsible for four engineering teams with a total headcount of ~20. We build a shared content platform for all of ProSiebenSat1's Digital Entertainment (7TV, maxdome, ..) and were all-in on cloud-computing, micro- & nanoservices, DevOps and a data-driven engineering culture.

Nov 2016 - Dec 2018

IT-Consulting, mainly in the area of creating scalable web applications and RESTful services in (micro)service-oriented architectures. I worked with node.js and AWS to build infrastructures capable of scaling up to >100k concurrent users and was involved in transforming monolithic legacy applications into cloud-native service-based application landscapes.

Feb 2014 - Oct 2016
Software Engineer

As part of Siemens' Research organisation I worked on a prototype for a web application for discovering, making, and sharing 3D printable things. We built a MVP with node.js and AWS that allowed users to model 3D shapes in the browser and make computation heavy structural engineering calculations for feasibility checks for 3d printing in near real time using a fleet of GPU optimized EC2s.

Apr 2013 - Dec 2013
Data Scientist

For Allianz SE, I've been working on building data products for internal stakeholders within the CFO organization. I worked with data warehousing solutions to create interactive visualizations for annual reports, analyst presentations and board meetings. I spent 3 months in Trivandrum, India at an offshoring subsidiary of Allianz SE, supporting them onsite in building new data products and training the Indian colleagues.

Nov 2011 - Mar 2013
Software Engineer

I've been developing web applications in Java, mostly working on the backend with the Liferay framework.

June 2010 - Mai 2012